NPD: Underfloor Heating Commissioning Set Enclosure

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New Product Development (NPD) Project:
Enclosure for Underfloor Heating Commissioning Set Assembly

Our Client supplies parts, assemblies and consultancy services to the hydronics industry. One of their products is the Commissioning Set Assembly (CSA) which is used in underfloor heating systems. Once installed, CSAs are encased in concrete but must remain accessible so that they can be maintained throughout their life. AC CAD was approached in early 2020 to discuss whether we could develop a new and improved enclosure for them.

We worked with our Client to agree a specification that could achieve a sturdy, sealable and cost-effective solution. After the concept generation and feedback stage was complete, a prototype design was approved with AC CAD being responsible for its manufacture and delivery. All necessary fit testing was carried out by our Client with minimal changes being required before final manufacturing approval was granted.

Instead of buying the Design IP from us, our Client requested that we organise and manage the manufacturing & logistics side of things, leading to 100x units being delivered to site in May 2020, despite the COVID19 UK lockdown. We’ve made these enclosures available in a variety of finishes including Galvanised, Stainless and Powder Coated Steel, ensuring that the exacting finish expectations of the Architectural industry are met.

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