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New Product Development (NPD) Project:
Enclosure Rooftop Valve Assembly

Our Client supplies parts, assemblies and consultancy services to the hydronics industry. They approached us to discuss whether we could develop a new and improved offering for one of their Rooftop Valve Enclosures. After an initial specification discussion, we agreed that the product must provide a new modular design for various build options, while remaining simplistic and cost-effective.

After a few meetings covering concept development, an initial concept was agreed that allowed all build options as well as easier storage. It was agreed that AC CAD would manage production and delivery of a prototype, which was then successfully fit tested. Further reviews of the prototype lead to AC CAD suggesting additional modifications based on our observations, highlighting potential additional improvements to the modular design.

AC CAD’s suggested concept modifications were then implemented, leading to a final concept that used fewer components while remaining modular and offers possible new usage options for more highly corrosive environments.

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Harsh Environments

Designed for exposed locations. High-corrosion environment version in development

Powder Coated Finishes

Vast Selection of RAL Colours Available

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